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Monday, August 11, 2003 

UKIP Accounts as submitted to the Electoral Commission

There has been much discussion regarding the above topic over the past weekend on an internet discussion group called eurofaq. Honours seem to have gone to Christina Speight, who summarised her conclusion with this post aptly titled:

Clearing the fog

The smokescreen has dissipated (for a moment only?) so a SUMMARY of what was proved in all the monstrous verbiage and confusion engineered on this list by EUKIP list members is needed.

1. The accountants were - to say the least - wary of endorsing the acounts as true, accurate, fair or anything else and were more keen to point out that UKIP gave them information which they used unchecked.

2. The accounts are deceptive since unlike those of any other party mentioned on eurofaq they hide donations in subscriptions and hide subscriptions TO THE PARTY in branch accounts.

3. Whatever the precise rules UKIP has either ignored or evaded are, NO BRANCH ACCOUNTS are published. And as Chairman Lott has just disclosed a national donor has offered to parcel out his/her donation in small parcels to branches which under the presentation used for these accounts would not be disclosed.

4. It takes a strange set of mind to use pro-rata figures in a dynamic, changing situation in arbitrarily apportioning a fixed, set, percentage of a 16 month total to a specimen 12 month period. This conceals changes.

In short from start to finish UKIP has used every dodge to hide the truth from both the Electoral Commission and its own members.

posted by Martin |7:43 PM
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