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Wednesday, August 13, 2003 

'Poor' Dick Morris

On 15th July following reports that Dick Morris was being paid forty thousand pounds a year by UKIP for a two day week, Chairman Lott made a statement which concluded as follows:-

funding for Dick Morris's monthly expenses is coming direct from generous donors, not from members' subscriptions nor from the EDD/European Parliament.
Now no doubt we'll have the usual suspects casting doubt on the veracity of that statement above.

We did indeed doubt that statement and the next day in another post on the subject Accepting Contradictory Truths we not only voiced our doubts but e-mailed certain specific questions to both the Chairman and Treasurer of the Party. As ever, answer came there none. These questions were as follows:-

We will again send a copy of this latest blog to the Party Chairman, with a copy to the Treasurer who has already been quoted on this blog as seeking openness. Answers are urgently needed, if what the Chairman has stated and now circulated widely throughout the party, namely that Dick Morris' expenses (PLEASE DEFINE!) are being met by donors for that express purpose:-

Who are they and how much have they donated to date?

Have they committed to maintain that level of donation throughout the period of Morris' contract?

If the figures provided in our post of 11th July, 'The Morris Fees', are as wildly incorrect as David Lott claims, what are the true figures? After all if the costs are to be met by donors, as Lott now claims, these figures will eventually appear on the Electoral Commission web site linked herewith, and in the apparent complete absence of other regular contributions they will, to say the least, be hard to miss!

Well, we now have the figures for second quarter 2003 donations, published by the Electoral Commission, and for UKIP there was but one from a lady in Plymouth who is named on the Electoral Commission web page as kindly giving two thousand pounds to the Plymouth Branch. That's the lot! Nothing more came in! According to UKIP no other donations more than two hundred pounds were received in the second quarter. Now we see the deviousness of Chairman Lott's suggesting hundred pound donations plus twenty Shockwave Videos to each new branch formed and controlled by his Commissars. Does Lott believe the UKIP membership is stupid, or more dangerously for the party does he think the same of the Electoral Commission and the laws of the land?

The link that follows takes you to the Search Engine for all (ha ha!) UKIP donations declared by UKIP for the second quarter 2003 and published today by the Electoral Commision: UKIP's Second Quarter 2003 Donors

posted by Martin |8:23 AM
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